Friday Five: Five worthy reminders from the week

Friday Five: I cannot bear one more CNN-MSNBC-Fox “analysis” of Occupy Wall Street.  That’s this week’s topic of choice; every week there’s a different beat-it-to-death headline. By Friday, it’s time for the off button and five “worthy stuff” notes from the week.

* Consumer spending was up in September, the first time in seven months. Since consumers drive the U.S. economy and the economy needs every jolt it can get, nice to hear a few more folks opened their wallets last month.

* YMCA executive director Kris Kieper wrote one heckuva blog post on Oct. 6, pointing on the “colliding soundbites” from local politicos as they talk about crime, criminal justice, jail crowding and recidivism. The tit-for-tat comments from her readers are equally intriguing.

* “This weather is a gift.” Well, except for Thursday’s rain. Was out and about doing chores and running errands during the day this week. If I heard one person say it, I heard a hundred. Indeed, it is a gift.

* Have to suggest it one more time; it is that important: If you’re among those who think you’re middle class and wonder if there will be such a thing for your kids, curl up with this narrative from The Atlantic.

* Here’s a civics lesson on which to chew: Does the First Amendment guarantee the Occupy Wall Street protestors the right to squat indefinitely in that New York City park? Gene Policinski at the First Amendment Center says “protest is a uniquely American tradition.”

And, with that, TGIF as we boomers said back in the day. May God smile on you and yours.