Martin Shkreli’s mom ought be snatching him bald

Pity Martin Shkreli’s mother. Don’t you know she just wants to snatch that boy bald? You know Shkreli, right? The 33-year-old brat-turned-hedge-fund-fraudster who bought a cheap generic drug and raised its price to the stratosphere and then rolled his eyes at a...

No realistic alternative | Key West should purchase Peary Court

Key West recognizes it’s face-to-face with a housing crisis. There simply isn’t enough affordable or workforce housing on or near the island for the workers needed to sustain the local tourism economy. Passage of the March 15 referendum asking Key West voters to approve the $55 million purchase of Peary Court and preserve its 160 homes as workforce housing has some potential – but the swirling controversy makes it difficult to sift through to the facts.

Five kinds of people can afford Key West | Are you one?

Key West knows it faces a catastrophic housing challenge: Working people can’t afford to live in Key West. We’ve become an island of cruise-ship visitors, day-trippers, second-home owners, vacation renters and nicely-heeled retirees. How much time do we have before...

Political theater: Who is Key West’s “ambassador to Cuba”?

We’ve got a splendid island kerfuffle over who gets to be the official “Key West Ambassador to Cuba.” The school boy romp is playing itself out on Facebook, across the front pages of The Citizen, Key West’s local daily newspaper and, quite likely, in cocktail conversations among the political cognoscenti.

Really? You quoted Jimmy Buffett on tattoos?

Let’s face it. Most people ought not be wearing tattoos. No one over 40 ought sport one at all because by 45, the eagle spreads to a vulture and the cute kitties to a saggy, baggy elephant. Back when I was young, stupid and thought I could make fun of being old,...

Going off island | What the heck do I wear

Key West | Going off island in January begs a question about smarts. It’s minus-freezing degrees anywhere off island and the coat, hat and gloves you once had are in a storage unit somewhere under the old Christmas decorations.