Friday Five (uh, Four): Weary of the D.C. dumb clucks

Friday Five: Odds and ends from the week’s world of news.

* That Super Committee that’s supposed to fix America’s fiscal house by Thanksgiving? Well, it’s not going to happen. Not because there are no solutions, but because its hardline¬† Republican and Democratic members have no intention of collaborating. Raise taxes; cut expenses. That simple. A pox on them all.

* The Gang of Six, Simpson-Bowles and the Grand Bargain. That Super Committee doesn’t even have to do the work. They can copy off the kids sitting next to them. There are two perfectly good blueprints ready for the picking, and there’s always the Obama-Boehner Grand Bargain that could be resurrected. I’m OK with copying off the smart guys.

* Jobs. Jobs. Jobs. And, while I’m on my compromise and collaborate rant, might as well toss in this one. Obama wants an infrastructure jobs bill to build roads and bridges. The GOP opposition doesn’t want to fund construction with a tax on 345,000 millionaires. The result? No jobs.

* President Herman Cain? Oh, please. As goofy as Donald Trump or (can’t resist) Sarah Palin. Though I might prefer President Palin to either of those guys. I know Cain’s not going to be on the top of the GOP ticket.¬† No way the party’s controllers, even the Tea peeps, are going to let that happen no matter what the polls say. Incumbent Obama would flatten the pizza guy and there’s no way the elephants will risk that. I’m practicing writing Hillary Clinton as my write-in candidate.

* And, because all that political news can make me crazy, let’s just end with Friday Four. No reason to ruin a perfectly beautiful fall day by obsessing over D.C. dumb clucks.

May God smile upon you and yours.