Don’t let social media kill your business

Six tips to grow, not kill, your business

You opened your business to make money and serve your customers. You’re not in business to “do” social media. But…. These days no business does business without a significant commitment to social media connections. So, you “get” a website. You “get” a blog. You “get” accounts for LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Klout, Instagram, and the ubiquitous Facebook.

Social media management becomes a major time drain and you who always hated writing term papers in school find yourself scrambling to write blog posts. For every minute you’re managing social media, your clients are waiting for your return phone call. And, you’ve begun to swear.

If that sounds familiar, here are six tips to ensure social media helps you grow business, not kill it:

  1. Clarify what you want to do
  2. Consolidate. Organize your web work
  3. Do it once; use it twice
  4. Put it on your calendar
  5. Outsource the writing
  6. Keep it simple. Invest a little; learn a lot